Huge Success for DOS meeting 2013

tokyoScientific Committee of DOS World Congress 2014 selected some abstracts for short oral presentations. Among abstracts accepted:


Odor classification by using neural network

Sigeru Omatu, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan 


Study of wearable olfactory display using surface acoustic wave device

Kazuki Hashimoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 


The Scientific Committee of Digital Olfaction Society 2nd World Congress 2014 will specifically dedicate a session to digital olfaction and aroma demonstrations.

Among different presentations already scheduled:


Quantitative mesurement of detection threshold and discrimination threshold and furthermore the quantitative
mesurement of masking effect.

Junichi Kita, Motoo Kinoshita
Shimadzu corporation 



…The idea is to create devices which can capture odors, turn them into digital data so as to transmit them everywhere in the world …


Call for Abstracts

You are involved in the world of olfaction? Don't hesitate, come and present your innovative researches in different sessions:

  • Poster Presentation Session
  • Short Oral presentations Session
  • Demonstrations Session




The Scientific Committee of Digital Olfaction Society World Congress invites all researchers, academics and industrials to present their innovative appliances, devices, methods, ideas… during the demonstration area.



If your company/team wish to display new generation of devices, which can
Capture Odors,
Turn them into Digital Data,
Transmit them everywhere in the World,
Recapture Them...

a special session during the conference will be dedicated to your innovations. Press and media will be invited to observe this extraordinary experience. 

If you are interested to demonstrate your innovations, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you are interested to know more about DOS Displaying area 2013, please click here.