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The digitization of Olfaction, a world rich in applications!



For an other view of the marketing & the advertising as the Smell-e-market, the Olfactive ads & logo or the launching of a new product from food, cosmetic or even pharmaceutical industries.

The aim is to set up more attractive and memorable advertising campaigns, Online-shopping and more...



Olfactory_entertainment_2The Olfactory 3D movie theaters to intensify emotions to engross ourself in an other world, those of the virtual reality.







For example, Scented classrooms, cooking shows, e-learning...The perfect teaching tool to apprehend information, by olfactory interaction, enhance the attention.



Human_health__well-being2The Digital Olfaction at the service of Human Health. For the olfactory diagnosis i.e the pattern mimicking the sniffing dogs but also as e-aromachology against the current diseases like obesity,stress & for the Well-being.






With artificial olfaction devices, henceforth we can establish the Food quality & safety control by mean of Electronic noses & tongues but also Biosensors & olfactometers.






Over the internet, Interactive website, Olfactive SMS, e-mail, Scented USB flash driver, Scent printer, CD, DVD...