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DOS : originality at the service of smell digitization

  • Why create DOS? What makes DOS different from other societies?

Digital Olfaction Society is nothing but the answer given to the desire to clarify and highlight a field unexploited so far: smell digitization.

Our desire is to promote this innovative concept whose aim is to to turn any odorous source into digital media applicable to our lifestyle. As a matter of fact, the idea is to create devices which not only can record smells, turn them into digital data but also transmit them where we like.



In a few words, the objective of DOS is to gather, share, and complete the knowledge recently established about olfactory digitization. Our perspective is to build up constructive links between leading researchers and industrialists in order to set up appropriate strategies in order to implement Research & Development through practical applications with a high impact on our lifestyle thanks to the potential of olfactory digitization:

  • Exploit the advances of olfactory digitization Research & Development
  • Consider the practical applications of  olfactory digitization
  • Project these applications to everyday life to measure their impact on our lifestyle

Our vision: challenges..sphere-internationale-globale...Our mission: make real. 

  • Why an international society?

In front of such a high potential topic, there is no doubt that transferring and sharing olfactory digital knowledge has to be devised around an international organization. Because olfactory digitization is addressed and studied in detail in numerous countries, we need to bring together these scientific advances in order to gain an insight into everybody’s conclusions.

  • What is the advantage of DOS?

A_Graham_BellIn 1914, Alexander Graham Bell said: “Can you measure the difference between one kind of smell and another? Can you tell whether one smell is twice as strong as another? Is it so obvious that we have very many different kinds of smells, all the way from the fragrances of violets and roses up to that of asafetida? But until you can measure their similarities and differences there is no science of smell. If your ambition is to discover a new science, measure a smell.”

This is exactly the perspective of DOS because previous studies show that nowadays it is possible to capture smells by means of various electronic noses but the challenge still remains when it comes to measuring smells in such a way that it is useful to the transmission of smells.  DOS is part of this state-of-the-art concept.

  • What is the originality of DOS? Where are the frontiers of DOS?

Our simple difference rests upon the complexity of our data. DOS scientific wealth lies in the diversity of its partners: academic researchers, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industrialists, marketing managers… share their knowledge and expertise so as to build up constructive links around olfactory digitization.

Our interdisciplinary community makes it possible to link all sciences involved in smell digitization ranging from the fundamental concepts of olfaction biology to high technology sciences: neurobiology, biochemistry, chemistry act in coordination with electronics, engineering, mathematics and computer science.

Moreover, DOS opens the doors to a large field of olfactory digital applications, thus our members and partners from the fields of telecommunications, food industries or even the hospital sector reflect the achievements of a laboratory science. From now on, it is possible to envisage a new lifestyle in which the olfactory digital mark is part of the human welfare.

Believe in our vision and mission, our convictions will be yours!

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