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How the incorporation of scents could enhance the immersive virtual experience?

sylvain delplanqueUnder normal everyday conditions, senses all work together to create experiences that fill a typical person’s life. Unfortunately for behavioral and cognitive researchers who investigate such experiences, standard laboratory tests are usually conducted in a nondescript room in front of a computer screen. They are very far from replicating the complexity of real world experiences. Recently, immersive virtual reality (IVR) environments became promising methods to immerse people into an almost real environment that involves more senses. IVR environments provide many similarities to the complexity of the real world and at the same time allow experimenters to constrain experimental parameters to obtain empirical data. 

Dr Sylvain Delplanque, from the CISA, University of Geneva, Switzerland will give a presentation during Olfaction & Issues World Congress about this technology report. He will present an odor delivery system applied to a state-of-the-art IVR technology. The solution they p0ropose can reliably deliver various complex scents during different virtual scenarios. How this unique technology could be used to investigate typical research questions in olfaction (e.g., emotional elicitation, memory encoding or attentional capture by scents) will also be presented.

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