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Pr Monica Bordegoni, the Chairman of Olfaction & Issues will talk about: Exploit odours in product design for eliciting positive emotional experience


Pr Monica Bordegoni from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, is the Co-Chairman of Scientific Committee & Local Organizing Committee. At the World Congress on Olfaction & Issues 2016 she will give a presentation about Exploit odours in product design for eliciting positive emotional experience.

According to Pr Bordegoni, odors are an important part of our lives, they are associated with events, experiences, people, places, materials and objects, with nature, with food, and also with illness. Odors arouse our emotions, and are related to our anxieties, fears, ecstasy and memories. We can envisage scenarios where odors can play primary and even unexplored roles. Odors can be imagined, created and designed. We can use them to give a unique imprint to places, situations and things. Odors can make more passionate the reality and to evoke the invisible associated with things. Design and marketing can have huge advantages if we can imagine, manage and simulate odors in appropriate and clever ways. The design and marketing of odors is not only associated with perfumes, but also with other items, such as objects that are typically odorless, buildings and places. It is possible to create odors that induce memorable emotions in users. We can achieve all this if we are able to control and simulate the whole process of production, perception, and evolution of olfactory communication and messages, which must be integrated with the other sensory messages.

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