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A huge success for the 2nd edition of Digital Olfaction Society World Congress

GroupePicture DigitalOlfactionSocietyThe Second World Congress of Digital Olfaction Society was held at Tokyo Institute of Technology on December 8-9, 2014 and gathered more than 110 participants coming from academies and industries gathered around short oral and posters presentations of high scientific quality.

Moreover, an exciting demonstration coming from six different teams around Digital Olfaction innovations was organized. Among demonstrations: 

  • Smelling Screen: Generating Spatial Odor Distribution as if an Odor Source Had Been Placed onto an LCD Monitor Screen
  • Cross-modal effect on scent and music
  • Digital Olfaction with Computer Controlled Odor Blender
  • Aroma Shooter - Instantaneous Scent-Switching Aroma Ejector
  • Quantitative measurement of detection threshold and discrimination threshold and furthermore the quantitative measurement of masking effect
  • Scent Projector: a method of delivering scented air locally using vortex rings

All pictures of the congress will be available on website in the next few days.

We attract your attention that the abstracts book of DOS World Congress in available in PDF format. If you would like to order it, please click here.

All information concerning the 3rd World Congress will be available soon.

For more information, keep informed here.

Digital Olfaction Society Committee