Wednesday, 20 July 2016 11:53

DOS 2014 World Congress Scientific Committee & Speakers

Chairmen of the Scientific Committee

Nakamoto Marvin Edeas

Takamichi Nakamoto

Co-Chairman of the 1st & 2nd DOS World Congresses
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Physical Electronics, Japan

Marvin Edeas

Founder & Chairman of Digital Olfaction Society, France
Organizer of Olfaction & Issues Conferences 2010

 Local Organising Committee

Chair: Takamichi Nakamoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hyung-Gi Byun, Kangwon National University, Korea
Weileun Fang, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Hiroshi Ishida, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Engineering, Japan
Ryohei Kanzaki, University of Tokyo, Japan
Dongwook Kim, Aromajoin, Japan
Junichi Kita, Shimadzu, Japan
Tai Hyun Park, Seoul National University, Korea
Kiyoshi Toko, Kyushu University, Japan
Akira Tomono, Tokai University, Japan
Yasuyuki Yanagida, Meijo University, Japan

 Among Speakers of DOS World Congress 2014

Hossam Haick, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Yanxia Hou-Broutin, CEA-Grenoble, France
Kazushige Touhara,
University of Tokyo, Japan
Baranidharan Raman, Washington University in St-Louis, United States
Noam Sobel, Weizman Institute of Sciences, Israel
Genki Yoshikawa, National Institute for Material Sciences, Japan

Hossam Haick
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Yanxia Hou-Broutin
Kazushige Touhara
 University of Tokyo
Baranidharan Raman
Washington University in St-Louis
United States 
Noam Sobel
Weizman Institute of Sciences
Genki Yoshikawa

National Institute for Material Sciences

Speakers of DOS World Congress 2013

Patrick Mielle, France  - Dominique Martinez, France

Jenny Tillotson, United Kingdom - Achim Lilienthal, Sweden

Jesus Lozano Rogado, Spain - Charles Spence, United Kingdom


Yasuyuki Yanagida, Japan - Peter De Cupere, Belgium

 Victoria Henshaw, United Kingdom