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DOS ChairsThe 3rd World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society was held in Tokyo on December 7-8, 2016. This third edition was a huge success gathering around 70 attendees coming from academics but also industries. To access to the list of attendees, please click here.

Pictures and videos of the congress are available by clicking here.

DOS Poster JapaneseDigital Olfaction Society published the final agenda of the 3rd Digital Olfaction Society World Congress which will be held in Tokyo in December 7-8, 2016.

To access to the agenda, please click here.


The Scientific Committee of DOS selected the abstracts which will be presented during DOS World Congress 2016. 

smelling screen mini Matsukuta

Dr Haruka Matsukura from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology will demonstrate the new Smelling screen mini: Presenting spatial odor distribution
over the touch screen of a tablet computer during DOS World Congress 2016.


Dr Hiroshi Ishida from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Engineering, Japan will give a presentation about the recent applications of the mobile robot with odor sensor. This presentation will be held on the first day of DOS World Congress 2016.

cocktail maze

During DOS Congress 2016, Dr Yosuke Maruno, Dr Masaaki Iseki and Pr Takamichi Nakamoto from the Tokyo Institute of Technology will give a pratical demonstration of the cocktail maze using wearable olfactory display.

DOS NetworkThe 3rd World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society will gather academics and industrials involved in the field of the olfaction, digital olfaction, electronic noses, olfactive markers and all other fields related to the digital olfaction.

Dr Shuji Fujita from New Business Creation Dept of Sony Corporation will present the last innovation of SONY  "AROMASTIC, a personal aroma diffuser, changes the way you enjoy scents" during Olfaction Congress 2016.

Dr Kea-Tiong (Samuel) Tang is working at IEEE BioCAS TC Chair Elect, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Michael rapp DOS2016 V2- How can we realize a compact gas sensor array using high frequency?

- How sampling can be done properly with a maximum of time resolution ?

Digital Olfaction Sensors ArrayOdor sensing and classification have become important from a viewpoint of enforcement of information quality as one of five senses of human being. Dr Sigeru Omatu showed two kinds of odor sensors and their intelligent classification.

Dr Hyung-Gi Byun from the Kangwon National University, South Korea will give a presentation about "exhaled breath analysis for monitoring of lung cancer patients using E-Nose system" during the 3rd World Congress of the Digital Olfaction Society.

Monica Bordegoni is Professor at the Department of Mechanisms of the Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

During DOS World Congress 2016, she will give a very interesting presentation about "Enhancing user interaction with olfactory experiences".

How large effects does olfaction have on Quality of Experience (QoE) such as the sense of presence and fairness compared with other senses?

How do you assess the effects?

What kinds of applications with olfaction do you suppose in the assessment?

How does the network delay influence QoE?

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