Digital Olfaction Society position, Background & novelty


More details about Digital Olfaction Society,

There are already associations and academic societies specialized in the Olfaction field, however , Digital Olfaction Society is not limited to the study of chemical sensing and senses, chemoreception. DOS is created to go beyond the potential of electronic olfaction that we already know. We target to access to the unknown and not yet studied side of digital olfaction; we want to gather all the best scientists in order to give a new dimension of the digital scent technologies, that is will be represented for example by the cross modal interaction between olfaction and the other human senses.

Let us provide you more information about the creation and the background of our society,

Dr Edeas was a Chairman of Olfaction & Issues 2010 which was held in Paris in 2010 .

Our interest for olfaction has started in 2010, our conference highlited the impact of olfaction on their physiological effects. So we gathered many scientists represented studies and innovations about the modulation of olfaction by manufacturers.

Dr Edeas worked on a obesity field, and he tried to study the effect of olfaction receptors in intestine activation on satiety. We also invited neurologists to talk about stress an well being, a specific and crucial topic in DOS. Also we organized an excellent congress on pheromones and invited speakers only who realized clinical studies to present the reality about this complex subject.

Concerning DOS, our main ideas is to talk about the new vision of digital olfaction science. The scientific committee involved in digital olfaction society is coming in various disciplines scientists (neurologists, mathematicians, engineers, biologists, behavior scientists, physicists, computer scientists, biochemists, ...) and non scientific people (sociologists, ethical experts, social experts, psychological experts...).

Digital Olfaction Society does not represent a competitive society in the wide field of Olfaction because we really think that our vision of this science is different and complementary to the existing associations and societies.

As our knowledge, there are obviously several associations or academic societies providing the advances of olfaction and its related technologies but none of them talk about digital olfaction ; DOS also answers to the missing part of the olfaction technologies which is lead by the three challenging points:

Odor digitization & recording
 Digital odor transmission
 Digital odor restitution

Finally, the philosophy of DOS is to set up an international group, credible and energetic as many research team to advance this science, the digital olfaction science. We want to provide novelty in this fantastic field and evolve towards a new direction.

DOS Team